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Spring 2020

UX Research
Visual Design

app design.



PDConnect is an application that serves as a central hub for event organizers, volunteers, and caregivers of individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. This project was co-researched and designed with Lindsey McKim (peer) as part of a User Interaction Design course at James Madison University. This project was selected for submission to the AEJMC Best of Web Competition.

executive summary.

PD Connect is designed as an application in order to bring event organizers, volunteers, and especially caregivers of individuals with Parkinson’s Disease together in one central hub. 

These three groups of users are seeking P.D. programs that engage physically as well as to build a community with other individuals and efficiently communicate within these communities and programs. PD Connect serves as a resource for these groups to plan, coordinate, and discover various classes and events in their local community for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. The app also includes ways to connect to support groups and message boards for the users. 

In this app, organizers, volunteers, and caregivers will be able to create and explore events as well as discussions, all of which are related to caring for and supporting those with Parkinson’s Disease and/or their caregivers.

In conducting user research interviews, we were fortunate to have access to the Dance for Parkinson’s Disease Program at James Madison University. Through this connection, we were able to interview the organizer, several volunteers, and numerous caregivers of the program’s participants. As a result of this interview process, we gained valuable insight into the use of technology of our users as well as their frustrations regarding communication and outreach. This was synthesized in the usability testing phase.

Soon after, we were able to create and test our paper prototype for the app. Then, we commenced the low-fidelity prototype creation which was tested. This testing then informed us in making our high-fidelity prototype, which was tested and our data was compiled and analyzed in order to create further design recommendations and improvements.


problem statement.

Caregivers to people with Parkinson’s disease need a way to connect to other caregivers and find Parkinson’s Disease-related events because they may feel alone or struggle giving the best care to their loved one. Organizers need a way to connect and promote events to volunteers and caregivers of individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.


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