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Spring 2021

UX Research
Visual Design
Front-End Code

web & system design.


A full system design for Green Valley Auctions & Moving in Harrisonburg, Virginia. A top-contending team and created as part of the JMU CIS 484 / SMAD 404 & 408 Senior Capstone by Madison Consulting O4: Jon Asay, Hunter Bader, Ana Hart, Jimmy Magnier, Lindsey McKim, Ben Ortt, Camdyn Rowlison, and Peter Wiedner. 

As the user experience designers for Green Valley Auctions, we wanted to create a seamless experience that would allow them to stay organized with their client information, easily access client progress, easily create a new client, have efficient and clear communication between employees, an organization system for their warehouse, have a customer versus business facing side of the system, as well as the ability to follow for reviews with their client. This system is designed to improve the organization and tracking of the move and auction processes for Green Valley Auctions & Moving. 

design question.

How might we improve the organization and tracking of the auction and move process for Green Valley Auctions?

system walkthrough.

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