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Tan rectangle with brush-like strokes.

"if you need me" 

Choreography: Ana Hart in collaboration with dancers


Dancers:  Caroline Nymberg, Emma Raney, Jasmine Snellen, Courtney Ziegelmeyer


Music: Text & sound mixed by Ana Hart "Heartbeat White Noise, Pt. 01" by Sleep Candy Music "Sylph" by COUCOU CHLOE, KABLAM "Carol N°1" by Woodkid "Life Has Passed Me By" by Brad Oberhofer, Oberhofer Costumes: Ana Hart in collaboration with the dancers 


*Performed as part of the inaugural Synergy Dance Series choreographer showcase.

Three dancers in red all balancing on one leg while reaching with arm to side. "look !" (2019).

Photo by Richard Finkelstein.

"look !" 

Choreography: Ana Hart
Performers: Jordan Foster, Julia Pasquale, Deannie Lauterbach
Lighting: Kristen Bolger
Photography: Richard Finkelstein & Buddy Harlow

“look !” was created in the fall of 2019. This piece explores the internal dialogue of wanting to be seen by others–about wanting to take and hold space. Through this piece, I investigated body language and human qualities. “look !” was performed in the 2019 Fall Student Dance Concert in the Earlynn J. Miller Theater.

Three dancers in red on stage. One dancer rests chin on ather dancer's elbow. Dancer behind slides to ground.

Photo by Buddy Harlow.

Purple oval shape.
Three dancers facing back with arm reaching up. Four dancers on the ground facing front with arms reaching out on the ground. "feet on the ground" (2019).

Photo by Neal Phillips.

"feet on the ground" 

Green brush-stroke.

Choreography: Ana Hart
Performers: Emily Amey, Caitlin Winkler, Hayley McGovern, Taylor McGovern, Taylor landers, Lauren Leah Abrams, Lindsey McKim
Lighting: Julia Reese
Photography: Neal Phillips

“feet on the ground” was a piece that played with the idea of stars and constellations; specifically the formation of the constellation Pleiades. Through this piece, I explored human connection and a sense of wonder of the unknown. This piece was performed in the 2019 Spring Student Dance Concert in the Earlynn J. Miller Theater.

Three dancers in blazers and shorts in pink room with a table and chairs.

"The Meeting" 

Choreography: Ana Hart
Performers: Molly Philpott, Lindsey McKim, Julia Pasquale

“The Meeting” is a site-specific work that choreographed as a part a compositional course taught by Cynthia Thompson at James Madison University, Spring 2019. A dramatization of a workplace meeting presented as “The Mindfulness Campaign.” Designed to mess with expectations. 

Three dancers in blazers all leaning on the walls of a hallway.
Red circle outline with brush-like stroke.

“We were there for The Meeting which never took place.  Instead the piece was actually a side-show that increased our stress level rather than diminish it!  Love that our expectations were messed with. The piece was dynamic and dimensional.  It kept us off balance.”

– Cynthia Thompson (Professor of Dance)

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