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Photo courtesy of Mutual Dance Theatre.

current work.

mutual dance theatre.

In the summer of 2021, I joined Mutual Dance Theatre in Cincinnati, OH for their 50th season. During my time with the company, I have danced works by Hannah Williamson and Rowan Salem in Pulp & Variations in a Brainstorm. In June 2022, the company performed additional works by Steven Evans, Jasmine Snellen, Victor Lewis Jr. (of PHILADANCO!), and the ​renowned Sidra Bell (of Sidra Bell Dance New York) for MDT's Modern Mix performance at the Aronoff Center for the Arts.


During the start of the pandemic in 2020, I entered into a dance film process with Ensemble InterTwining. They are "an interdisciplinary, intergenerational group of artists creates innovative work at the intersection of the human body, voice and multimedia" co-directed by Darla Stanley (choreographer) and Toby Twining (composer/vocalist).

Running Absent (2020-2021), a dance film, choreographed and directed by Darla Stanley on dancers Ana Hart and Ammara Shafqat explores distraction and presence. Music composition by Toby Twining and videography by Eamonn Farrell. This process received funding from a Harrisonburg Arts Council of the Valley Creative Inspiration grant.

dance film: running absent.

experience & training.

While attending JMU, I danced with JMU's Virginia Repertory Dance Company from 2019-2021. I have performed works by Stephanie Liapis, Heather Lundy, Jess BurgessGregory DolbashianKiera-Hart MendozaMatt PardoRyan CorristonChristian Warner, and Darla Stanley. In 2021, I received the JMU Outstanding Dance Performance Award. At the American Dance Festival I expanded my dance training and artistry and learned from Shayla-Vie JenkinsPaul Matteson, Ray Shwartz, Maayan SheinfeldNoa Zuk, and Ohad Fishof. I also performed a work by international choreographer Chien-Kuei Chang. Following graduation, I had the honor of serving as a dance and design intern for the Next Steps Summer Dance Intensive at JMU. 

I am passionate about Dance in the Community, and I have been a volunteer with JMU's Dance for Parkinson's Programunder Professor Emeritus Kate Trammell. In May 2021, I received Dance for Parkinson's Professional Development Training from the Mark Morris Dance Group and under a grant from JMU's Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship.

​In 2021, I joined Mutual Dance Theatre in Cincinnati, OH. She has performed works by Sidra Bell, of Sidra Bell Dance New York; Victor Lewis Jr. of PhilaDanco! The Philadelphia Dance Company; and Steven P. Evans and Jasmine Snellen of Mutual Dance Theatre. This is my second season with MDT.

Ana dancing in front of silver panel with leg in passe.

Photo by Caitlin Skapars.

virginia repertory dance company.

 I have  danced with the Virginia Repertory Dance Company, JMU's audition-based, pre-professional dance company, from 2019-2021. As a part of this company, I have performed works by Matt PardoRyan CorristonChristian Warner,  Stephanie Liapis, Heather Lundy, and Jess Burgess. In 2021, I served as Co-company Manager.

In the course of 2020-2021, VRDC presented "Fig Leaves & Open Letters," a devised an evening-length work considering racial and gender injustices as well as the experiences and privileges at JMU. The company members presented pieces inspired by their research, VRDC’s new mission statement, and the social reckoning of the past year.

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dance reel.

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